Best of 2018: Behind-the-Scenes


Hello, 2019!

It is always mind blowing to me just how fast time passes by and you don’t even know it! Today is New Year’s Eve and I cannot believe that we’re saying goodbye to 2018 already and hello to the new year! It feels like yesterday that I was gearing up for 2018 and getting ready for an exciting year of adventurous weddings, elopements, and engagements!

Last year, I had so much fun putting together my first behind-the-scenes blog (you can see that here) that I made more of a conscious effort to get more content this year! I am so thankful to have had amazing second shooters who caught some funny (and embarrassing) moments throughout the year of me doing what I do! I love sharing the not-so-glamorous side of wedding photography- it’s not all rainbows and butterflies on a wedding day! It’s usually a bit sweaty, hair is always up in a ponytail or bun, quads and glutes are getting their squats in from tons of dress fluffing and veil fixing, the timeline sheets are always wrinkled from slamming them into the bag quickly to stay on track, granola bars are scarfed down in between segments of the day to stay energized, and sometimes you just have to deal with crazy weather and learn to embrace the rain. Needless to say, wedding days are a bit unpredictable, but our couples are why we learn to go with the flow, and to make sure they have the best day ever and photos to remember it by.

Big thanks to Danielle Defayette, Lakyn Hayes, and Jeremy Gouge for tagging along with me throughout the year and for snapping most of what you’ll see below! I appreciate everything you guys do, not only for behind-the-scenes moments, but for helping me throughout some long and beautiful wedding days! I was also fortunate to be a second shooter for my good friends Amanda and Chad Elkins, who are also so wonderful to send over a gallery of crazy moments of me assisting for them! I always have fun shooting with these two at their gorgeous weddings. I also want to thank Pam Burke for sending me a few photos of us having a great time at a styled wedding where we collaborated with some amazing local vendors and models!

Another big thanks to all of my amazing couples who let me wear my Chacos, boss their family and bridal party around (hehe, just a little bit), allow me to bust some embarrassing moves on the dance floor, and more importantly- trust me to capture their day. Without you all, I couldn’t do what I love every day. This year, I wanted to try and take a photo with each couple during their day and for the most part I succeeded! I totally forgot to get a quick shot with Lizzy and Rob and Kaity and Kyle, and I’m so kicking myself for that! Hopefully, in 2019, I’ll remember to get one with every bride and groom!

Anyways, enough rambling- happy New Year’s everyone!

Cheers to 2019 and the adventures it brings!