Best of 2017: Behind-the-Scenes

photo:  Jeremy Gouge

Hello, 2018! Nice to see you!

If you guys read my Best of 2017 blog (you can see it here!) you know that I promised my first Behind-the-Scenes blog. Well, today I'm delivering! I know it's not as jam-packed as some behind-the-scenes, but there are still some great (and embarrassing) moments!

I'm lucky to have had some awesome second shooters and friends who helped capture me in work-mode and some of the silly moments in between! Huge thanks to Amanda and Chad Elkins (Amanda & Chad Photography), Jeremy Gouge, Kassidy Younce, Bethany Perkowski (Bethany Grace Photography) and Amber Corryn (Amber Corryn Photography)! Check out their websites and give them a follow on Instagram! 

If it's one thing that I've learned from this year's BTS blog, it's that I need some new fashion sense, haha! I apparently love two dresses-- the green striped dress and the black dress. I bought the green striped dress at the beginning of the year and LOVE it (obviously) because it has pockets and long sleeves! Perfect for chilly spring and fall weddings! Hopefully, I'll find some more awesome dresses for this year and spruce up my wardrobe! ;)

Anyways, hope you enjoy these funny moments! Here's to more cups of coffee, planning, exploring, taking selfies, fixing dresses and much more!