Mouth of Wilson, VA: Alexis + John Michael's Foggy Grayson Highlands Engagement Session

My oh my, where to start with these two?!

Alexis and John Michael are getting married on Roan this Summer! These two first met when they were younger, but fell in love when they saw each other at the same rock climbing gym. He's a carpenter and she's a biology major, and they couldn't be more perfect together.

We met up at Grayson Highlands State Park for their engagement session and were greeted with 40mph winds and super dense fog! For some reason, just about every time I go to Grayson, there is always a story to tell at the end of the day- snow and freezing temperatures, taking wrong turns and ending up on one lane gravel roads, high winds and fog- you name it! But hey, just another adventure! Alexis and John Michael showed up with the biggest smiles and were down for anything.

Alexis and John Michael - I love your carefree spirit and love for each other. I cannot wait for your wedding in June!