Grayson Highlands, VA: Renita + Nate's Romantic and Rocky Engagement Session


36° 38' 20'' N           81° 30' 33'' W

Renita and Nate are getting married at one of my favorite venues in northeast Tennessee, The Millstone, this coming June and I couldn't be more excited about it! Renita met up with me for coffee and I just knew we would click! We sat and talked more about local hiking spots and things we loved than wedding planning and details! 

These two are probably the most laid-back and relaxed soon-to-be married couple that I have ever met! I asked Renita how Nate proposed and she said that he brought it up casually and subtly in conversation one day while driving in his truck. They both knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and started discussing on whether they wanted a wedding or to elope, and the plans started there. If you met these two, you would know that this is so true to themselves as a couple! They're not about the crazy proposals with super elaborate plans or huge weddings with the glitz and glam- they're focused on the simple things and the heart of it all, and that's being together with each other forever. Nate wanted to design and pick out the ring for Renita and she loved that idea! The designer told them to plan for the ring to be ready in about two months, but it arrived a month earlier than expected. Nate was able to surprise her with the ring, for she didn't know it had come in early! 

We chose to meet up at Grayson Highlands for their engagement session, on a gray, cloudy, Sunday afternoon in April. I'm starting to think that I just have bad weather luck when it comes to Grayson, for the last three times I've been there have been cold, foggy, and gray! Nate had told me that he and his family had come to Grayson a few times while he was growing up, so it's a special place to him and Renita! These two were absolute troopers and stood like champs up on the high rocks as the wind whipped around us. We didn't get to see any ponies that trip, but the views were gorgeous and these two were so sweet. 

Renita and Nate - thanks so much for hiking and braving the not-so-ideal weather in the highlands with me! I had a blast getting to know you both and absolutely cannot wait for your intimate wedding!

Engagement ring: Melissa Tyson Designs