Kingsport, TN: Lakyn + Neal's Backyard Summer Engagement Session


Sometimes life works in mysterious ways and it's funny how you meet people along the way.

I met Lakyn through a local photography group and asked her to second shoot a wedding with me out of town. We spent the weekend chatting about all of our favorite things and have since become close friends! I was incredibly honored (and ecstatic) when she asked me to be her wedding photographer!

I met up with Lakyn and Neal for their engagement session at Lakyn's father's land in Kingsport that happens to be at the base of Bay's Mountain. Needless to say, it was right up my alley! We hiked through the fields and chased the sun, touched some questionable weeds and laughed the entire evening. We ended the session at her dad’s private pond and sat around a campfire as the stars came out.

I absolutely love that Lakyn and Neal chose to have their engagement at a location that was so special to them. Lakyn had told me that this land had been huge part of her childhood growing up and that they even almost hosted the wedding there. I’m often reminded of how rewarding this job is and how grateful I am that I can capture people in these special places and give them memories for years.

Lakyn and Neal- Needless to say, I am SO happy for you two! I had a blast hiking around the farm that evening and absolutely cannot wait for your wedding in October at the Waterstone!