Bristol, VA: Coby + Gretchen's Intimate Woodsy Wedding at Sugar Hollow Park


36° 38' 52'' N          82° 6' 41'' W

Coby and Gretchen got married on a Thursday morning in July and it couldn’t have been more perfect! You may remember their waterfall engagement back in May, for Coby is one of my husband’s good friends, making this day even more special!

I arrived at Sugar Hollow Park in Bristol early that morning to see the ceremony site set up next to the creek at the campground and the trees were shading the chairs perfectly. Coby and his family had already arrived and were buzzing around making sure the decorations and food were ready to go. Once it came time for the ceremony to start, guests quietly took their seats. Coby and his officiant/good friend, Jacob, headed to the front of the aisle and anxiously awaited Gretchen’s arrival.

When Gretchen arrived, she was greeted not only by her father, but Coby’s two daughters, Ava and Zoe (who just adore Gretchen)! Coby could not stop smiling as Ava and Zoe blew bubbles over the bridge, followed by his beautiful wife-to-be. Coby and Gretchen read their vows together and had a prayer as their new family with Ava and Zoey. After exchanging rings and the first kiss, Gretchen and Coby were finally husband and wife!

After the ceremony, I took Coby and Gretchen around Sugar Hollow Park on a mission to find the infamous, “Black Forest,” that has pine trees in symmetrical lines. It had been such a long time since I explored the park that I totally forgot where it was, but we found it eventually. It was totally worth the struggle! When we arrived back to the campground and pavilion everyone had barbecue for lunch from Bristol BBQ and enjoyed writing in advice ad-libs for the couple. Gretchen’s sister had made their cake and cupcakes that were chocolate Guinness flavored! Talk about delicious! After cutting the cake, we all jumped into the creek to cool off. Of course, I HAD to get some portraits of Gretchen and Coby in the water! To be fair, it was Gretchen’s idea in the first place to jump in with her dress and Chacos!

I just love that Gretchen and Coby invited their closest family and friends and had such a simple, but sweet and memorable, wedding day! I loved that they included parts of their story to their details- like the biking couple on top of the cake, and the shoelaces around the bouquets- perfect for this running and biking husband and wife!

Coby & Gretchen- - We are OH so happy for you two! I can see from your genuine smiles just how happy you make each other. Andrew and I wish you many years (and running/biking miles) together! Cheers!

Huge thanks to all of Coby and Gretchen’s vendors who made their day amazing!