Q: What is required to book you for our day? A: After we meet up or video chat and decide upon a quote, I require a signed contract and a non-refundable retainer of 30% of your package price to officially reserve your date! Since wedding dates are first-come-first-serve, I sadly cannot pencil-in or reserve a date without both a signed contract and retainer. The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Q: Do you travel? If so, what is your travel fee? A: Yes! My main area of service is Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina, however I do love traveling and experiencing new states for adventurous weddings and elopements! My travel fee is currently $0.58/mile + two nights at a hotel, at least. **Travel fees are subject to change at any time.**

Q: Do you offer a military discount? A: Absolutely, yes! For couples who have served/are currently serving, I love offering a 10% discount. I am so appreciative of your service and everything that you do/have done for our country. 

Q: Do you have insurance? A: Yes! If your venue asks for that information, let me know and I can provide proof of insurance.

Q: Are you LGBTQ+ friendly? A: Yes! I would love to be a part of everyone’s big day!

Q: How long have you been doing photography/shooting weddings? A: The first time I picked up a camera was in middle school and I took my first photography/darkroom class in high school! I went to college and have my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. After graduating, I assisted and edited for wedding photographers close to my hometown, where I gained 3 years of wedding experience. I then branched out onto my own and am now into year 3 of owning my own business!

Q: What cameras do you use? A: My main camera is a Canon 5d Mark III and my backup is a Canon 6D, along with multiple lenses. 

Q: Can you shoot my wedding in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? A: At this time, I do not have the proper permits to shoot within the GSMNP boundaries, but I would love to recommend other photographers who do or a list of venues where I am able to shoot in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area! 


Q: Should we schedule an engagement session? A: Yes! I highly recommend and encourage you to schedule an engagement session with me prior to your wedding date and all of my packages include a complimentary session. It's a great way to get to know one another, break the ice, get comfortable in front of the camera, and hang out without wedding day pressure and 'practice' poses before your wedding day! Plus, you get more photos of you two together! 

Q: Can we take out of our engagement session to lower our package price? A: Nope! Engagement sessions are truly complimentary with all of my wedding and elopement packages. I love offering engagement sessions as gifts to my clients and do not build in any extra costs. 

Q: What should we wear to our engagement session?! A: I wrote a whole blog post on this topic specifically! You can read it here, but long story short, you should wear something comfortable, prepare for the weather, and wear something that reflects you two your personalities!

Q: Can we do an outfit change? A: I don't recommend outfit changes, but if you'd like, we can fit in one outfit change. Outfit changes usually take up a good 15 minutes worth of our shoot time, and we don't want to miss out on that gorgeous glowy light!

Q: Can we bring props? A: I don't usually recommend bringing props also for the same reason for outfit changes- sometimes they're tough to carry around and tough to incorporate. The fewer the props, the better! If there is something you'd absolutely love to bring along- please feel free to ask me about it ahead of time and we'll work it out!


Q: How many hours do you work on a wedding day? A: Anywhere from 6-10 hours for a full wedding, and 2+ for intimate weddings and elopements! 

Q: Do you have a second shooter? A: For full day weddings (6 hours plus) or intimate weddings with the getting ready portion covered, I usually do bring along a second photographer to your wedding! These photographers are usually people that I have worked with before and have work that I know will mix in well with my own shots. These shooters are passionate about weddings as well and always have wedding day experience. They're great at being in places when I can't be (I'm only one person, can't be in two places at once, haha), assisting with guests and family, and assisting with lighting. They're my right hand helper on wedding days!

Q: I've never planned a wedding before, can you help me create a day-of timeline?! A: Absolutely! I love helping to create a timeline for your wedding day! It helps everyone stay on one page and helps create the flow of the day, and makes sure us photographers get the shots we need in the time required! 

Q: Do you require a meal at the wedding? A: Yes, for weddings 5+ hours, I do require a meal for my second shooter and I to have as you and your guests eat. We try to eat first thing, so that we can be ready for the upcoming events at the reception (toasts, dances, etc). After a long day of shooting getting ready, portraits, the ceremony and family, nothing is better than having a meal at the reception to refuel and continue to capture the evening as you dance the night way with your guests! 

Q: Can you replicate these Pinterest photos that I've pinned to my boards? A: Sorry, no-can-do! A lot of factors go in to creating a photo- weather, venue, lighting, camera equipment, etc. It's tough to replicate a photo exactly. I don't mind, however, to glance at your Pinterest board just to get a feel for your vision and what inspires you!


Q: Do you backup your digital files? A: YES YES YES! In this digital age, backups are a MUST. Losing files is one of my worst fears. Right after your wedding day, I immediately download and backup your files to at least three different drives. 

Q: How long does it take for you to edit and deliver my images? A: Since I look through every image taken at your wedding (which can be anywhere from 500-3000 images to go through) and edit each keeper with care, it can take up to 3 months for me to deliver your images. Of course, I try to get them finished and to you as soon as I possibly can! I'm always so excited and thrilled to deliver them!

Q: How many images do we receive? A: The rule of thumb is about 70-100 images per hour that I'm with you shooting, so it truly depends on your day! I always give as many as I deem quality and never have a cap on the amount of images. 

Q: Can we have the RAW files? A: Nope! Sorry! My editing is the finishing touch to your images. Giving you RAW files would be like giving you a naked cake without the icing and decoration on top-- I'm sure you'd rather have the final product that is reflective of my style! Also, RAW files are enormous and take up so much space on your computer and require proper software to open. 

Q: How do you deliver the images? A: As much as I love the thought of a keepsake USB drive to store your files on- I have had some issues with USB's in the past that came faulty from the company before I could even add files to them. Since they are so fickle and seemingly untrustworthy, I really love delivering files via online download in a password protected gallery. Once all the images are finished, I'll upload them into sections of the day and email you the link, password, and download pin. The only other people that I may share your gallery with are your vendors, who love seeing the cake, the florals, the dress etc incorporated in your day! Once these files are downloaded, I highly recommend that you backup your own files and store them in a safe place.

Q: May I upload the photos to social media? A: Yes! Absolutely! I just ask that you credit me some how/some way, if possible! I also ask to not use or send the photos to websites/blogs/companies without my permission- just please ask first! Chances are that I'd love for you to share, I just would like to be aware! 

Q: Can I make my own prints? A: Yep! I add a letter of permission to print to each gallery so that you may make your own prints for personal use and gifts. The only downside is that I cannot guarantee the print quality of the lab that you choose. I recommend using a high quality print lab vs. the convenient print places (such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc).