Roan Mountain, TN: Melanie + Dave's Nature Inspired Intimate Mountaintop Wedding


36° 6' 25'' N 82° 6' 12'' W

Melanie and Dave’s intimate wedding in the mountains was nothing short of magical.

These two are both arborists (you can read all about how they met on their engagement blog), so it was only fitting that their vows were read on a mountaintop surrounded by their closest family. Melanie and Dave made sure to incorporate their love for nature in every aspect of their day— Melanie’s dress had a flower bodice, she wore her gold Chacos to hike (be still my heart), Dave’s ring had a redwood inlay while hers was a stunning opal with rose gold band, and the bouquet and boutonnière were full of wildflowers!

We met up on a warm, hazy, Saturday at the end of May, and big puffy clouds were rolling across a clear blue sky. We really couldn’t have asked for better weather! After seeing each other for the first time in the forest, we hiked up together to the balds for the ceremony. I’ll never forget Melanie’s huge smile and tears as she saw Dave waiting for her on the balds! The clouds covered the sun, giving us such beautiful light as Dave and Melanie became husband and wife with the Blue Ridge as their backdrop. Right after photos with their family, someone spotted a rainbow in the distance! We ran over and snagged a few photos with it in the background before the rainbow disappeared— definitely a first for me on Roan! After enjoying the rainbow, we hiked the trail around the balds taking photos and watched the sun set behind Roan High Knob. We were lucky enough to find one of the first rhododendrons blooming, too! Perfect for these tree and plant lovers.

Melanie and Dave had the biggest, most contagious, smiles the entire evening! I mean, who wouldn’t when you’ve just married your best friend?!

Dave and Melanie— I had an absolute blast getting to know you and capturing your engagement and wedding! I am so incredibly happy for you and am excited that you two get to adventure together for many years to come! Cheers!

Huge thanks to all vendors who came together to make Dave and Melanie’s day amazing!