Roan Mountain, TN: Courtney + David's Chilly November Couple's Session on Round Bald


36° 6' 21“ N 82° 6’ 13'' W

I just adore these two!

Courtney and David are friends of my former bride, Kaity, and reached out to me for a couple’s session in our Tennessee mountains! These two live in Nashville and not only celebrated their first year together, but also just moved into a new home! They both wanted photos to celebrate this new chapter in their lives and to have some printed for the walls of their new home.

We planned to meet up at Carver’s Gap on Roan on a chilly weekend in November for their couples session! Remnants of snow lingered in the shadows of the mountain, but the sun was out in full force for our photos that evening! As we hiked up to Round Bald, David told me a great punny joke that I absolutely loved (but can only remember a piece of now). He said something along the lines of, “How many wigs did a guy go through to get to the balds?” Get it. The balds- Round Bald, Jane Bald… bald as in no hair…hahaha! If you know me, you know that punny/”dad” jokes are my all-time favorite! David definitely had me cracking up the entire evening!

As we were taking photos, it was evident just how much David loves Courtney, and how much Courtney loves David. Their smiles and laughter were absolutely contagious and the way David looks at Courtney is just beautiful. I’m so glad that we were able to catch the most beautiful sunset and explore the mountain together for their session!

Courtney and David— thanks for traveling to east Tennessee to visit our mountains and to celebrate such a special time! You two are so wonderful and I wish you guys the best in your future adventures together!