Hampton, TN: Angie + Austin's Fall Sunset Engagement Session at Watauga Lake


36° 19' 18“ N 82° 5’ 7'' W

Angie and Austin are just so incredibly sweet together! These two met through a mutual friend and got engaged on a cruise in the middle of a hurricane! How crazy! They had gone to see a show on broadway on the cruise, and Austin found one of the lead actors and told him his plan. During the show, the actor had Angie come up on stage and Austin popped the question! Angie said she was so surprised!

These two drove all of the way from Charleston, South Carolina to visit me in the mountains for their engagement session at Watauga Lake! As we arrived, the sun was already setting, so we chased the light from spot to spot. Austin and Angie brought their little pup, Daisy, who was just so precious! Their humor together is just so contagious- I was laughing all evening! I’m so glad that we got to enjoy one of the last nice Fall evenings by the lake.

Austin and Angie— thank you for driving to the mountains to come visit and photograph with me! I just love your laughter and smiles together, and am so excited to see what the future holds for you two!