Hampton, TN: Ryan + Sara's Watauga Lake Sunset Engagement Session

The sunsets in Tennessee have been spectacular this Summer, and we definitely weren't disappointed for Ryan and Sara's lake engagement session at Watauga in Hampton!

Ryan and Sara are from Ocean Springs, Mississippi (which still blows my mind that they found me!) and met in class in college. Their professor made the students introduce themselves to someone sitting close by and Sara happened to be sitting in front of Ryan! She turned around, introduced herself, and the rest is history! Ryan proposed on Christmas Day by dressing up their little dog Daisy with a shirt that read, "Will you marry my daddy?" Next thing she knew, Ryan was on one knee proposing and of course, she said yes!

Since these two are having an intimate ceremony in the mountains, we decided to meet up at Watauga Lake for their engagement! We walked a few small trails and even stopped by the boat ramp to take some shots on the fishing pier. We ended the evening by watching the sunset right up against the shoreline as the waves crashed peacefully against the rocks. It was truly a perfect Summer evening by the lake! 

Sara and Ryan - I'm so glad that you drove all of the way from Mississippi to come hang out and shoot with me! I had such a blast getting to know you both and can't wait for your wedding! It's just around the corner!