Nashville, TN: Sarah & Eric's Nashville Tennessee Proposal

Sarah has been my best friend for half of my life. I first met Sarah in middle school when she moved to Maryland from New Jersey. I'll always remember seeing her walk into one of my classes, and then again at lunch, only to call her over and ask her to sit at our table with us. Once she did, I said, "I like your horse necklace! I love horses..." and she proceeded to tell me that her family had two- Dagger and Twist. Through soccer teams and marching band, proms and Starbucks runs, hiking the whole Maryland section of the Appalachian Trail and almost getting gunned down at a government tower for accidentally trespassing (a story for another day), and graduating college with visits in-between-- we've been partners-in-crime ever since! 

I first met Eric last year when my husband Andrew and I's vacation to Daytona Beach got cut short by Hurricane Matthew. Instead of ending our vacation, we drove to visit Sarah on the Gulf and Eric flew in to meet us. I finally met the man that Sarah had been telling me about! Seeing them together, I just knew they were perfect for each other.

Eric contacted me in February with the following text, "Hey... So I have a question about the end of March." I knew exactly what he was about to say and I knew that I HAD to be there. From there, we formulated a plan for a surprise proposal in Nashville the weekend of April 1st and 2nd.

Andrew and I arrived in Nashville Saturday and stayed at a hotel close to the park. Sarah's parent's house, where they were staying, is located about an hour away from the park, so we knew she wouldn't find us. As soon as we arrived, we drove to the park to scout out the perfect location-- the Quiet Point located off of the Mossy Ridge Trail. Everything was a go! 

Sunday morning, we woke up, got our coffee and headed out to the park! When we arrived at the trailhead, parking spaces were already limited. Percy Warner is a huge park where people love to go to get out of the city and hike, trail run or bike. I backed my truck into the spot in hopes that Sarah wouldn't recognize it. When we arrived at the Quiet Point, we noticed that there was a huge gathering of people where we had scoped out the night before- they must have been having a religious service! Andrew and I started freaking out, trying to think of a Plan B. We waited 15 minutes, and they finally started to head out. Once we got to the spot, we set up and waited for the magic!

Sarah came up the the trail and noticed Andrew first (we hoped she wouldn't recognize him, ha!) and said, "Is that DREW?!" When she turned around, Eric was on one knee. Of course, she said yes! After the proposal and hugs were given all around, Sarah got on one knee and asked me to be her MOH (matron-of-honor), and of course, I said yes! 

Sarah and Eric - it was an incredible honor to be able to be a part of your special proposal! I absolutely cannot wait for the wedding and your future together! Cheers to your next big adventure! Love you both!