A Trip to Carver's Gap on Roan Mountain

If you guys did not already know, when I'm not taking portraits or shooting weddings, you can usually find me on the water or in the mountains.

I've heard many great things about Roan Mountain ever since I started going to college in this area and somehow never made the trip up. I finally had a free weekend, actually two, to go and see the breathtaking balds at Carver's Gap. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from both trips. On the first trip, I took my friend Anna, and just knew I had to share the beauty. The next weekend, I had quite the crew to take up the trail- my best friend Sarah's parents were visiting AND I managed to persuade my husband, Andrew, in going! I'm so glad that I got to finally visit and see Roan Mountain with Anna, Mike, Becky and Andrew!

The colors were stunning on the drive up!

Here is the view of the road and parking area at the trailhead. It looked so small from where we were!

The views from the Round Bald.

The trail goes up to this next bald, Jane Bald.

The sign is supposed to say, "Jane Bald," however, somebody made an addition so it reads, "Jane is Bald."


It's me!

It was a bit more overcast the second trip up.

Mike and Becky!

Our turn! It was so cold!

Here's a sneak peek at something I've been doing lately- developing color film! Here's a photo of Roan Mountain, captured on Fuji 120 film, shot on a Holga. I'm planning on posting another blog with more film scans from my random rolls- I just couldn't wait to share this one!