Watauga Lake, Butler, TN: A Weekend Getaway

Since it's the off-season for wedding photography, I can finally go through and share some photos from our trips this past Summer! 

My husband and I live on Boone Lake, a beautiful lake in Tennessee, which leads to a variety of Summer fun- boating, fishing, kayaking, relaxing with neighbors... etc. However, our lake is currently drained to it's lowest point possible due to some structural issues at the dam. While we still have enough water to go out and play, it's just not the same as boating on the deeper water.

Luckily, there are two lakes close by that are full and open for enjoyment- South Holston and Watauga!  

This past Summer, our neighbors decided to rent a small cabin and pontoon at Lakeshore Marina on Watauga Lake and invited us to come along and of course we said yes!

We arrived Friday afternoon to see the fog, from the earlier rain, lifting from the mountains. Such an incredible view!


Due to Watauga's wide open lake space and higher winds, it allows for sailboats to cruise the water as well! 

We couldn't have asked for better weather for our Saturday on the pontoon- blue skies and sunshine!

As you'll see later, I'm a bit obsessed with how the wake looks behind the boat.

My husband and neighbors are also avid bass fishermen. You can see they planned to do some casting with the *few* fishing rods they brought... (haha, sarcasm).

My husband, Andrew, and I! We had stopped the pontoon for a break to cool off in the water. This is when the GoPro makes an appearance!

Watauga definitely has some of the clearest water around... 

He'll probably hate me for adding this, haha!

After being on the lake for hours in the sun, we finally decided to head back.