Run, Gerad, Run.

Between editing full time and the stormy Maryland weather, I was finally able to go out and do a fun shoot with my cousin, Gerad. 


Gerad is a marathon runner. He's competed in multiple half-marathons, full marathons, a Tough Mudder and even attempted the JFK 50. For those who don't know, the JFK 50 is a grueling, multi-terrain, 50 mile race that starts on the Appalachian Trail, continues on to the C&O Canal, and finishes at another part of Washington County. Unfortunately, this year, Gerad made it to 30-some miles, I believe- enough to consider it an Ultra-Marathon. What an accomplishment!


I've been wanting to dive in to some "Runner's World"-esque shoots and thanks to Gerad, I was finally able to! This is the first of many more similar shoots, so look for improvement down the road!

- Katy

 C & O Canal, Knoxville, MD

C & O Canal, Knoxville, MD